Wild Joy Studios Brand and Product Photography Session

Wild Joy Studios Brand and Product Photography Session

Wild Joy Studios is owned by Allison Oliphant, a graphic designer who creates bespoke, heirloom paper goods for wanderers, explorers, and adventurers. She realized she loved designing wedding stationery back in 2015 when one of her friends asked her to do it for her wedding. Allison wanted to do a brand photography session with us because she needed images that matched her brand on her website and social media accounts. She believes in the power of images to tell her brand’s story.

We had a consultation with Allison and discovered the types of photos she was needing and how she wanted to use the images to connect with her clients. We focused on three storylines that would help showcase the behind-the-scenes of her business. We decided to take all of the photos in her home since that is where her office is. The first storyline was photos in her office, where she designs and creates her stationery. We captured Allison and the process of how she makes invitations and packages them for her clients. For the second storyline, we wanted to showcase her home life with photos of her and her family. We captured photos of Allison hanging out with her husband and dog sitting on the couch drinking tea/coffee. The third and final storyline was photos of her products on styling boards, and Allison working with her invitations.

We had so much fun at Allison’s brand photography session. We loved getting to see the behind-the-scenes and how she creates stationery for her clients. She is such a creative and amazing designer. Allison designed our logo, and we could not be happier with it. If you need some design work or stationery, make sure to reach out to her.

Wild Joy Studios based in Lexington, Kentucky: https://www.wildjoystudios.com/

Brand and Product Photography by Creative Trek Branding: https://creativetrekbranding.com/

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